Pumpkins and WagonConcrete Beach Brewers Have the Answer

No one can deny that they eat the Halloween candy they buy to give out or sneak some of their kids' candy after trick or treating, and since you're an adult - guess what - you can enjoy that candy with a cold beer. But which one to choose? Two of the brewers at Concrete Beach shared their picks from their own brewery and beyond, for the best pairings of Halloween Candy and beer!

Eric Hernandez

I'd say my top pick would be a Lager (like a Concrete Beach Havana Lager) with a Hershey bar. Two solid classics. Our Concrete Beach Florida Fest beer would pair nicely with an Almond Joy too. 

Alexandra Miranda

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups - I would pair it with a Terrapin’s Liquid Bliss. Literally a Reese’s Cup in a glass.

I would also pair Candy Corn with a solid lager to cut some of the sweetness and create a nice blend. 

A good IPA will mellow the puckering taste of a Jolly Rancher. Six Point’s Resin, with its pine, resin forwardness is quite refreshing, and if you’re looking for something with more of a punch, I would recommend their Puff.