Do you love a nice, frothy beer, with a smooth mouth feel?

If you are like most beer drinkers, then you probably do. But do you know what is responsible for creating this immersive beer-drinking experience, otherwise known as nitro beer? It is actually nitrogen gas. When nitrogen is correctly infused into beer—either in the brewing process or in the pouring process—it brings the quality and mouth feel of the beer up a notch.

Nitro Beer Explained

A nitro beer, a.k.a. nitro brew or nitro pour, is a beer that has been brewed with nitrogen. Brewers replace some of the carbon dioxide that is used to create the carbonation with nitrogen. Usually, they use a ratio of 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide. The benefit is that nitrogen does not react with the water as strongly as carbon dioxide, which results in a completely different end result when it comes to texture. You can identify a beer infused with nitrogen by looking for these features:

  • A fuller, smoother mouthfeel that is often compared to the texture of a milkshake
  • A larger head that lasts a lot longer after the beer is poured
  • Bubbles that look like they are falling instead of the straight-carbon-dioxide ones that look like the are rising

The Special Equipment Needed for Nitro Beer

If nitrogen is added during the brewing process, the only extra equipment that is needed is an on site nitrogen generator that will produce the gas on demand. However, if the nitrogen is going to be infused with the beer during the pouring process, it will require a few extra things.

  • If you are going to be using the nitrogen behind the counter, the Nitrogen Blast is the best system because easily fits right behind the bar and makes nitrogen right when you need it.
  • You will also need a nitrogen regulator that can handle the increased pressure that nitrogen gas has. These regulators attach right onto the nitrogen cylinders.
  • Finally, the secret weapon for nitrogen infused beer is the faucet. When you pour the nitro beer through the special faucet, it will help reduce the carbon dioxide even more to make sure the nitrogen really shines.

On Site Nitrogen Gas Makes It Easy

If you are considering making your own nitrogen beer, you have two choices: get the nitrogen delivered in cylinders or purchase a nitrogen generator. The cylinders offer a lower upfront cost; however, in the long run, they are a lot more expensive and a lot more hassle. You have to arrange deliveries, deal with empty cylinders, and risk running out. With an on site nitrogen generator, you are literally making your own nitrogen as you need it, so while it does cost more money upfront, it pays for itself time and time again.

If you have not had a nitrogen beer before, you are truly missing out. And if you have, you can fully appreciate the effort the brewers go through to give you the perfect mouthfeel on your favorite beer.