Recently Guinness came out with their Blonde American Lager and now, just in time for the holiday season, the world’s most distinctive brewer is bringing a new level of elegance and artistry to the beer category. Guinness & Co. – brewers of the iconic stout – introduces its newest innovation, Guinness® The 1759TM, a limited edition amber ale brewed to be sipped responsibly with satisfaction, savored as part of fine dining and gifted with appreciation by beer connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Our Twitter friend Lance Davis was drinking a Two Henrys Brewing Roasted Blueberry Jalapeno Porter and offered to do a guest post about it. I've never tried it and figured most of you haven't either. He's what Lance thought of it....

Recently I asked outloud if anyone was interested in doing a guest post (offer still stands btw) and Chris at FloridabeerBlog gave it a seconds thought and quickly volunteered. He offered to write about three beers from one of my most favorite places to hang out, Funky Buddha Brewing in Oakland Park. How could I say no, right?  Anyways, here's what Chris had to say...

I was invited to a recent event for the launch of Guinness’ new Blonde American Lager but unfortunately I was out of town and was unable to attend. Fortunately a few unlabeled bottles showed up at my front door a few days after the event so that I could still get a chance to try it.

Our friend Shelah, from Om Brew Yoga, came back with another guest review! You might recognize from her yoga classes at a few of our local breweries.  Here's what she thought of Weyerbacher's Imperial Pumpkin Ale....

I am one of those crazy people that really doesn’t like the pumpkin hype that occurs each and every fall. I don’t do Starbucks Pumpkin Lattes. I don’t run out and get my fill of pumpkin spice donuts and I certainly don’t hoard a plethora of pumpkin flavored beer. I do however, look forward to Weyerbacher’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale coming out each year.

Gator Tail Brown Ale by Miami Brewing Company

I've tasted a few Miami Brewing Company beers at some of the local beer events but I hadn't had their brown ale yet so it was only natural that I tossed a six pack into my cart as I walked down the aisle in my local liquor superstore.

Desperados Beer

I was given a six pack of Desperados beer (along with a bad-ass Coleman cooler). They describe it as “a one-of-a-kind beer blended with tequila barrel-aged lager that delivers a uniquely refreshing and smooth taste. Crafted at the crossroads of beer and spirits techniques, Desperados is the ultimate beer for nightlife and fun, perfect for adult consumers, 21 and older, who are looking for memorable nights out. This distinct Latin-inspired European import beer will launch this month in select retail and onpremise outlets in the Southeast.”

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any brewing of my own and have been talking about getting back into it. While I have some of my gear from back in the day in storage, I’ve been hesitant to lay out the cash to buy the missing pieces or upgrade to better stuff simply because I’ve been afraid I wouldn’t be able to commit the time to go all-in. When the opportunity to try out a Craft-a-Brew brewing kit, I jumped at the opportunity. These kits come with everything that you need to get started with your first batch and cost less than taking the significant other out for a couple of burgers and beers.

When I found out that Shelah from Om Brew Yoga is visiting some of our local breweries and teaching yoga classes, I asked her if she'd like to do a guest review. Hopefully this is just the first of many! Here's what she had to say...

When Mike first approached me to write up a review, I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated. In the craft beer world, I am a baby. A newbie. I have only been a convert for a little over a year and a half and getting me convinced that beer was better than wine (which was my love at the time) was quite a task for my hubby. Happily, I realized that good craft beer would not be the death of me and I embraced this new found passion.

Shelah from Om Brew Yoga, who some of you might recognize from her yoga classes at a few of our local breweries came back for another guest review! Here's what she had to say about Miami Brewing's Big Rod Ale...

Due South Brewing Co. has released "UXO", an American Strong Ale paying homage to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technicians that have served in the US Military. UXO is a term EOD Techs use meaning unexploded ordnance.

The beer is a big one, clocking in at 8% ABV (alcohol by volume). At 67 IBU's, it also has plenty of hops. Mike Halker, founder and head brewer at Due South chose to brew this beer for a simple reason - he's a former EOD Tech himself. He served with the 61st EOD out of Fort Sill, OK.

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