Jamie Frankel, John Cafarella, Tim and Steve Dornblaser

A fabulous time was had by all at the Floridian Beer Society's Summer Bottle Share!  This was the group's 6th bottle share and their first time at NOBO Brewing Company in Boynton.   Jamie Frankel, half of the mastermind behind the Society, said the group is going to try to hold a bottle share every 6 months with the goal of promoting the craft beer industry.  He and John Cafarella came up with the idea of the society and their subsequent Facebook page, while sitting around and - you guessed it - drinking beer!  They wanted a place for people to be able to find out about different breweries, beer, and events in their local area.  "We wanted to collect one central social media place for people to share their love of craft beer", Jamie said.

There was a constant stream of 35-50 beer lovers in attendance for the 3 hour event.  NOBO owners, Tim and Steve Dornblaser were thrilled to host the beer share.  Steve said they were happy to support the craft beer industry in South Florida and get locals together for the love of craft beer.  "Even people that aren't a part of this (society), are trying beers from across the country,, it  boosts craft beer overall".

You can join the Floridian Beer Society's' Facebook closed group by being recommended by a friend that is already a member or just ask and Jamie will approve you!  It's a great place to share information about new breweries you've stumbled upon in your travels, check in online when you patronize a local brewery, and help newbies to the craft beer world  learn the finer points of brew!

Great job Floridian Beer Society!   We'll be saving a few bottles from our travels for the next share!

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