I was fortunate to be in the Ormond Beach area when Tomoka Brewery scheduled their grand opening. It was great seeing Peter & Jen’s dream come true.

Knowing that they were going to release their collaboration with Swamp Head at 4pm, I made certain that I was there early. Since they are still working their way through the Federal licensing process, this was going to be the only Tomoka beer on tap for a few months and I didn’t want to miss out.

They are located a block off of the ocean, right on the main drag through Ormond Beach in a building that previously served as a doughnut shop. There is a good sized bar area as well as a dozen or so tables inside and a couple of smaller tables outside too.

The plan is to have a 50/50 mix of their own beers and other Florida breweries between the ten taps but until they are approved, they are running a half dozen taps featuring beers from all over the state. Besides the collaboration, the lineup included Cigar City, Pensacola Bay, Swamp Head, Engine 15. Peter mentioned that they had a few kegs of Due South coming within a few days as well as some other great beers. His plan is to keep rotating the taps and keep things fresh and interesting.

The coloration was a Mexican inspired Agrio Oscuro Sour and it was fantastic. Hopefully this won’t be a one-shot deal. Despite the name, it really wasn’t sour. Maybe slightly tart but definitely nothing like some of the sours that I’ve tried. They served it with a mint sprig and a squirt of a special sauce that they concocted. Coca Cola jumped out as soon as you brought the glass towards your nose and was evident in the taste too. That was a surprise but it definitely added something unique and interesting to the drinking experience. Let’s just say I had more than one.

Besides the beer, they have a kitchen serving a selection of appetizers, salads and pizzas. Everything is made fresh with top-shelf ingredients. If you’re the kind of person that likes a pepperoni pizza, they’ve got you covered but they also have several specialty pizzas for the more adventurous eaters. We went with the Buffalo-Style Chicken Pizza (REALLY good) which featured both buffalo mozzarella and blue cheese but there was also a “Southern Style” which had collard greens, red onions and bacon among the toppings.

If you are ever in the area, make sure you stop by.

Checkout their website for more information.