Wakefield Brewing, Wynwood’s only independent craft  brewery, is collaborating with Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. to brew a special beer to raise money for the people of Puerto Rico who were devastated by Hurricane Maria, last month.

The beer, Coqui Rechazado, is a Berliner Weisse with guava, oranges and bay leaves. It will clock in at about 5% ABV. It will be canned on Thursday, October 19th and will be on-sale at both JWB and Lincoln’s Beard, later that day, for $18 per four packs of 16oz cans.

All monies from the sale of cans of Coqui Rechazado will be donated to Puerto Rican hurricane relief through www.directrelief.org, which has a four of four star-rating from Charity Navigator. JWB owner and brewmaster, Johnathan Wakefield said he hopes to raise about $10,000.

In contrast to other breweries where the grains, hops, yeast and canning are donated by the brewery’s vendors. JWB and LBBC are subsidizing the entire cost of the ingredients, labor and canning.

“We’ve seen other breweries do this type of thing in the wake of natural disasters. Hurricane Maria hit close to home for us. We have employees here whose families live in Puerto Rico and have been severely impacted. Lincoln's Beard is the perfect partner for this collaboration. Hopefully we will sell out quickly and get that money to www.directrelief.org as soon as possible,” said Wakefield.

“We are really happy to be teaming up with JWB on this special collaboration. It’s in the spirit of what we believe in as a company to step up and help whenever we can. Maria has impacted the families of many of our customers and friends, so it just made sense,” said John Falco, brewmaster and co-founder of Lincoln’s Beard. 

Coqui Rechazado Brew Team