Dahlia’s Pourhouse is a brand new bar in the heart of what’s affectionately being called the “Beer District” of Jacksonville Florida. On a street that hosts two breweries, a package store, four other bars and a Gastro-pub (among other great restaurants and places to drink) it’s hard to stand out in a place like this.

With 84 taps Dahlia is trying to change that. Their drink menus is constantly changing and updated and is usually handed to you as a photocopied packet of beers organized by types and given brief descriptions about their style, flavor, and their alcohol content. Reasonably priced as well they also provide pitchers of beer and tons of room to socialize with friends and even play some games.

A well lit and fun atmosphere. Dahlia’s is still young and trying to make an image for herself. The owners are asking for submissions to create original murals on the walls and people who get chosen will receive a $50 bar tab for their trouble.

Most bars in the area are designed for simple socializing or to play the occasional board game. Dahlia’s is set up with a ping pong table, billiards, and darts amongst other games.

This is the first bar I’ve ever visited that has created a drinking version of Battleship. Their oversized game board has notches for shot glasses and a pitcher of beer fills them. Each person takes turn trying to sink the other people’s ships and with each shot received, someone has to imbibe a shot of their own.

Always friendly and inviting Dahlia’s provides a great selection of beer for the beer lover and plenty of ways to occupy your time while you do so. Drinking is rarely this much fun!

Dahlia’s Pourhouse
with eighty-four taps ready
fill your night with fun!

For more information on Dahlia’s Pourhouse visit www.dahliaspourhouse.com

Review by birdie @haikubirdie
For more information on birdie visit www.thehaikulife.com or www.frogvstoad.com

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