This is the third of our guest reviews by the famous birdie. Yes, I know it wasn't capitized. He prefers lowercase B’s because e.e. cummings made it look cool and if you know birdie, you know that's how he rolls. The reason I say he's famous is, well, cause he is. Without getting into a long and convoluted story, recently when I was in Jacksonville on business, I got to talking with some people in a couple of diferent places and they all mentioned him so if nothing else, he must be at least a local legend.

Birdie volunteered to do guest posts of Dahlia’s Pourhouse, Dos Gatos and one of his favorite haunts, Birdie's with a capital B. I know what you are thinking, no relation.

Here's his review....

Birdie’s in Jacksonville Florida’s historic 5 Points neighborhood is a bar with a lot of character, and a lot of characters who visit. Formerly known as “The Starlite Café.” the bar was known for cheap drinks, and and even cheaper trouble around. Once new ownership arrived the entire place made a facelift in so many ways. Now a quirkier hip spot it still has some of the strongest drinks and the craziest folks you’ll ever see.

A smoker friendly place with a lovely outdoor porch that has a beautiful mosaic on the walls and incredible art indoors. Even the bathrooms are decorated with bottle cap mosaics that are too quaint to ignore. Djs play music ranging from 50s R&B to modern hipster music. You never know what’s going to drag someone on the dance floor but it’s always an option.

Each night brings something fun to enjoy. They also have happy hour and later hour drink specials where you can enjoy filling up on some strong cocktails and not worry about breaking the bank. There are a few taps on hand which carries a few local favorites and other popular beers. Plus it has other beers to choose from and a full liquor bar.

It’s the best local spot to drink, whether you’re a poor college kid, or someone who just got off the late shift at work and need to unwind. Birdie’s is the best place to drink for any occasion, well drinking there is a special occasion in itself!

Drinking at Birdies
quirky, quaint, high quality
coolest bar around!

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