Dos Gatos is nestled in the heart of Downtown and one of the most impressive places to enjoy a drink or four. Across from the Florida Theater it’s always a great spot to go before and after you visit a show, or are just enjoying time in Jacksonville’s wonderful downtown scene.

A very classy and hip place it’s hard not to enjoy this place. The owner Jason is a master mixologist who creates his own delicious cocktails but also tweaks original recipes and makes them unique (Try their jalepeno margarita). They also have a few taps available and canned and bottled beers.

Their drink menu is constantly evolving and their drinks are top notch. I’m not really a liquor drinker myself but the few cocktails I’ve had here have made me reconsider that. Everything is freshly made and handled delicately and with such expertise and precision you’d think you were watching an artist at work.

Inside the bar is a wonderfully comfortable lounge which is great for hanging out with friends or just socializing with other people. It has a rockabilly motif with a DJ and occasional live bands. Despite being a bar it’s very clean and inviting and will warm up your soul on a cold sad day. They really redefine happy hour here.

Dos Gatos Cocktails
hand crafted, artisan drinks
pure deliciousness!

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