When you think of Orlando, if you are like me, t-shirt shops, theme parks and chain restaurants are what immediately come to mind but fortunately, there’s a lot more to the city than that.

As you might know, I try to find the places that the locals go to when I’m traveling. After all, these are the folks that live there and know the good spots from the bad. Yeah, they also eat at the Applebee’s and Outback’s of the world but they also know about the hidden gems. I’m not trying to put the chains down but if you eat out as much as I do, you can easily get to where you don’t know if are in the “insert chain name here” in Tampa, Orlando or Tallahassee.

Often I’ll reach out to people I know on Twitter for a suggestion in a particular area and 99.9% of the time they don’t disappoint. This trip to Orlando was no different. Several people had recommended that I check out a fairly new place in Winter Park, Cask & Larder. I am so glad we did! Unbelievable food and really great beer brewed on premise.

A Twitter friend had suggested Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour as a great place to have a pint. Almost 2 dozen taps and a HUGE bottle selection that even included a bottle of Utopia the night we were there. Pair all that beer with an extremely knowledgable staff and you can't go wrong.

Awhile back, I came across Frank & Steins in downtown Orlando through a friend. The boast of having over 300 craft beers to go along with their solid tap selection. Lively, fun place that takes hot dogs to a new level.

We also stumbled upon a couple of other places that looked promising but we didn’t try this time around, a bar named Brews and what looked to be a bar & grill name Hairy Buffalo.

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