Hollywood Organic BreweryWe finally ventured over to Hollywood Organic Brewery with some friends. I would have to say that this place has one of the best, if not the best, view of any brewery in the country. They are situated right on sidewalk that runs along Hollywood beach and look out into the Atlantic Ocean. This is also one of the dozen or so organic breweries in the country.

There's the obligatory covered patio seating that looks right onto the ocean as well as an indoor dining room that includes a decent sized bar. Plenty of large tables for get-togethers. The brewing area is visible through windows both inside the dining area and along the outdoor area.

We sat inside because it was a chilly evening and they didn't have any of those patio heaters that are so common in other areas. Fortunately the dining room wasn't that full because the tile floor really amplifies the sound and we had four kids in tow :)

The beer list is really straight forward in that they only serve their own beers. When we were there, they had four beers on tap - a pilsner, a wheat, Belgian ale and a Russian stout. We tried three of the four. Somehow no one ordered the pilsner but it probably had something to do with the waitress describing it as being like a Coors Light. They also have a full bar and have a selection of homemade infused vodkas.

Being someone who leans more towards the darker end of the beer spectrum, I started with the Russian stout. It was really good. With that being said, it's no Cigar City Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout, but it still was a really good beer. They served my pint in a cool looking wide-mouthed goblet. My only gripe was that the glass was beyond chilled and I had to wait awhile for it to warm up a bit for the favor profile to really come out.

My buddy loves a good wheat beer and was so infatuated with theirs, he stuck with that one all night and wants to go back for more. My wife preferred the wheat over the Belgian Ale too.

The Belgian ale seemed to be more like a red ale to me. Regardless of what you want to call it, it was another solid beer. It's the kind of beer that you could serve to a group and it'd be widely accepted.

They also offer a full menu. We ordered a few things and they were hit and miss. The soft pretzels were amazing as was the fried shrimp appetizer but the fish dip was a flop. The organic burger was pretty good and both the chicken sandwich and the fish & chips were acceptable. Everyone liked the fires but the chicken in the kid’s meal looked straight out of a school cafeteria meal.

We'll definitely be back again but plan on sitting outside next time.

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