Our Twitter friend Timothy Freudeman was enjoying a beer that I'm pretty fond of when I asked if anyone wanted to do a guest post on what they were drinking.

Check out Timothy's take on it....

This evening's drink of choice was Bell Cow Milk Chocolate Porter from JDub's Brewing Company out of Sarasota, FL. I had been craving a sweet chocolate milk type beer and found this while searching through my local beer haunt. I will be honest and admit that I picked it for the fun cow print labeling on the can and simply the name Bell Cow (daughter loves cows).

Poured the can into a snifter which produced a good dark cappuccino hued head which quickly faded. Nose is certainly of a chocolate note but not necessarily a milk chocolate scent, and also of a fresh brewed coffee. Despite the slightly heavy nose, the beer drinks thin even though the taste brings stouts to mind. Smooth throughout the drinking experience with the last taste being of a good quality chocolate milk (certainly not Yoo-Hoo).

I really enjoyed this beer and with its ABV and sweetness, it is certainly not a sessionable one. I look forward to more of these and will be searching out more JDub's brews.

You can find JDub's Brewing Company on Twitter at @JDubsBrewing.

Be sure to check out Timothy on Twitter at @AppyWynDad.

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